Atlantis Media Corp.’s award-winning publishing imprint Atlantis Ink is giving away a free eBook for the holidays from astro-archaeologist Conrad Yeats, hero of the global bestselling Raising Atlantis series.

The Virgin Sky is a sequel to the bestselling The Virgin City by New York Times bestselling author Thomas Greanias, and is the second title in Atlantis Ink’s Virgin Mysteries series of digital eShorts.   Rounding out the trilogy is the No. 1 bestselling The Virgin Sea by Vatican linguist and environmentalist Serena Serghetti.

The Virgin Mysteries trilogy is a FREE, interlocking series of titles available only for a limited time in stores or exclusively on the new website, which launched in alpha this month.

The Virgin City is FREE in the iBooks, Nook, Kobo and Google Play stores, and on sale for 99 cents in the Kindle store.  The Virgin Sky is FREE exclusively at the new website.  So is The Virgin Sea, but it can only be “unlocked” from within The Virgin Sky

“These digital stocking stuffers are small tokens of gratitude to fans around the world,” said Thomas Greanias, founder of Atlantis Media Corp.  “We can hardly wait to share bigger surprises in 2018.”


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